Relocation Housing Survey

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The University’s Office of Relocation and Dual Career Assistance (RDCA) provides information and support to new faculty and staff, and their families, in relocating to the local community. This is accomplished through assessing their priorities and needs regarding relocation and working to connect them with appropriate people and services on campus and in the community.  We encourage you to visit our RDCA website at:  The site describes our support services and contains links to many community resources that may be helpful to you.  In addition, we are available to consult with you regarding any of your specific relocation and/or dual career needs.  To schedule a consultation, please contact us at:

As part of our program, we ask relocating faculty and staff to complete a brief housing survey.  The survey data help us assess individual and collective needs on an ongoing basis and allow us to connect people to appropriate housing opportunities as we become aware of them.   

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