What We Offer

Relocation Assistance

Once you have accepted an offer of employment with us, we will reach out to get to know you and your needs.  We are your referral source for area information, housing providers, moving and storage services, healthcare, childcare and schools, eldercare, pet care, sports and recreation, volunteer opportunities, social events and entertainment, places of worship and cultural events.  Let us help you gather information to make informed decisions about your new life in the High Country.

Housing Assistance

Let us know what you are looking for in a home.  We can connect you with property managers and realtors who offer housing options that best suit your needs.  We recognize that it is difficult to discern from the internet what your potential home is really like, what the access is like, and what is around the home, so we can even drive by for you and send you feedback and pictures.  We maintain a current list of employee-owned homes for rent or sale through our Appalachian Marketplace.  You may also visit AppState Off-Campus Housing for a list of rentals in the area.

We stay abreast of the numerous housing options in our community.  Let us be your local source for evaluating your housing options.  

Dual Career Partner Assistance

If you are relocating with a working partner, we offer consultations and assistance with their employment search.  We can help with networking, discussing Appalachian State University and community employment options, and navigating our local job search process.  We stay connected with our local employer network and remain aware of available positions that might be a good professional fit.  Appalachian’s Career Development Center and Human Resources offers expertise in cover letters, resumes and interviewing skills.  Career Development also hosts frequent career events and networking opportunities not just for students.  Let us support your partner in finding their career here.  

Community Integration Assistance

We want you to fall in love with our beautiful mountain community and stay here.  We believe that doing so starts with the relationships you build.  We provide opportunities to connect you with vetted community businesses, organizations and service professionals.  We can connect you with individuals and groups within your area of interest and to social and volunteering events.  We would like to be your first resource to explore and connect with our community.

Appalachian Marketplace

We offer a digital Buy/Sell/Trade program called Appalachian Marketplace.  Our employees post homes for rent or sale, and list other items for sale, trade or free—vehicles, campers, outdoor sports equipment, household goods and more.  We also offer the Employee Discount Program, a benefit for both our employees and local businesses.  Many local businesses provide Appalachian employees a discount upon presentation of an AppState ID.  

Personal and Professional Development regarding Relocation

  1. ComPsych Guidance Resources
  2. Topics such as Change, Moving, Goal Setting, Parenting, Stress Management, Work-Life Balance

What We Do Not Offer

Although Appalachian State University cannot guarantee housing or employment, it provides the prospective and new employee and their accompanying partner and families with the tools to access resources for an effective home and job search.